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Briana Hume.

Dreamer, Painter, Lover of beauty...


Well Hi there!

Welcome to my art page. 

My vision is to enrich the world through art and creativity.

Art has the power to uplift and inspire and speak directly to our heart. It is a conversation without words, a direct link between shared ideas and experiences, unique visions, hopes and dreams. Life is much too short to live quietly, so

-Live creatively,

-Be unabashedly unique,

-Don't be afraid to make it weird. 




flower art
Briana Hume professional artist

A Bit About Me...

For Briana, a passion for art started young. Even as a child, she would spend hours coloring and would develop her love of portraiture by drawing close friends and family members. Although born in a small town in Alaska, she grew up predominantly in Southern California. Briana displayed a knack for creating realistic art from an early age, and continued to hone her skills throughout school. It was in her first semester in college when she discovered oil paint, which quickly became her favorite medium. Soon after, she moved back to her hometown in Homer, Alaska and had her first art show in a local gallery. The next several years were spent honing her skills and painting commissions while raising her three small boys with her husband. In 2020 she signed up for an intensive one-year online art program through the Milan Art Institute and made the leap from serious hobby painter to professional, full-time artist. Since then, she has produced a tremendous body of work and has been active in an ever-growing community of online artists.

On top of painting, Briana is also a mentor for an online art school that teaches students how to become a professional full-time artist as well as offer 1-1 mentorship and support. Learn more about this incredible program HERE.

Briana's artwork is recognizable through her common themes of beauty and hope. She describes her unique style as "emotional narrative"; she uses the symbolism connected with birds, animals, figures and even abstract elements, and how they relate to each other, in order to create a visually appealing and relatable message. 

            "I let intuition and strong emotional reactions to images, and how they relate to one another, guide the          direction that I go. I find people, colors and patterns all carry numerous forms of symbolism in what they represent and how they relate to each other. I get excited playing off of those relationships and how they come together to form something new and exciting." -Briana Hume

Briana currently spends her days painting away in her studio amidst the daily chaos of kids, cats, and the absurd amount of humidity in South Texas. She is constantly adding to her ever-growing portfolio and line of one-of-a-kind personalized products showcasing her artwork. She offers a wide range of products- from masterfully rendered original oil paintings, affordable prints, to mugs, bags and pillows




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