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Artist. Dreamer. Lover of beauty...



My artwork is a means to communicate with you, to inspire you to reach new heights and to have a deep-seated, infallible belief in what you are capable of accomplishing. My desire is to uplift and motivate through beauty.  I believe art has the power to reach hearts and connect with us on an emotional level. 



            "There are dreams worth following and dreams worth chasing,

                                        ...and there are dreams worth growing wings and flying for" 


                                                                                                                 -Ariana Dancu

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ARTWORK to own.

Lady Bee Eater.jpg

Lady and the Bee Eater


A love like no other....


The Eye of the Me


Let your voice be heard...


Lucent Dreaming


Shine from within...

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You are one of a kind...




Become your best self...

Be Free Compressed_036.JPG

Be Free


Step into your dreams...

"I may not know art, but I do know beauty when I see it. I love the whimsy and lively color she brings to her art. I have the privilege of owning five original pieces by Briana and I can't get enough. I highly recommend her beautiful artwork and the joy that it brings into any space is superb."

-(extremely) satisfied customer, Jennifer Boatner

"I love Briana's artwork! Sometimes it's fun and fanciful, sometimes it's thought provoking, but it's always like a delightfully delicious meal for your eyes."

-happy customer Lisa Hansen

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"Briana's paintings combine realistic portrayals of people, animals, fantasy and symbolism, to create a beautiful style of abstract art. Her art is incredibly memorable and I feel it will be something recalled long, long into the future by those who have the privilege to see it for themselves."

-fellow lover of art, Letha Butts

"I love everything she paints! Her women are expressive, her flowers are exquisite and her animals are whimsical. She truly is an inspiration to her fellow artists. I have no doubt she will be extremely successful in her art career for many years to come!"

-art aficionado, Constance Marie

Pink Powder

about me.

Fancy meeting you here!

Hi! Welcome to my collection of original art and awesome art-based products.


Who am I? My name is Briana Hume and I have a great fondness for all things beautiful and inspiring.

My love of color began before I could walk and my earliest, and fondest, memories are of me tucked away in some quiet corner, coloring the day away. I'm fascinated with people and animals, light, color, texture and abstraction, and the deep symbolic connections that tie them all together. Art is how I connect with people, how I express my thoughts and feelings, my hopes and my dreams. I believe art is meant to inspire, encourage, and ignite a desire to live the best life possible. 


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Image by Markus Spiske

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